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Chef Davide Mezzetti

Born and raised in a small town in northern Italy where good food and wines were the only solution to kill boredom, Chef Davide got his passion for cooking as a child helping his mother and grandma cooking for the family.  At the time he had no idea how much these family foundations would benefit him later in life.

At the age of 14, Chef Davide started studying hotel management in the catering school in Ferrara.  It is here that his passion for cooking was elevated to another level.  When he finished school, he worked for two years in 5-star hotels and restaurants in various ares of northern Italy.  However, his desire to know more and expand his culinary knowledge compelled him to leave Italy and in 2002 he began his travels around the globe, living in different countries and learning more about international cuisine.

Chef Davide has previously worked in New York, Sydney and Leeds, UK before arriving in Thailand and taking the position of Head Chef at the Blue Mango Bar & Grill.

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